We undertake valuations for Insurance, Probate, and Division between parties (divorce etc). Our valuer has been appraising jewellery etc for nearly forty years and is a member of the National Association of Goldsmiths. Many professionals use our valuation service and our fee starts at £75. This includes the valuation of one item. Thereafter each item from 2-10 we charge £10 per item. For items over £5000, initial fee is £150 plus £10 per item, over £10000, £200 plus £10 per item. We can only accept TEN items for appraisal. For this you receive a full appraisal of the worth of the item(s), a photograph, a copy for your insurers and full explanatory notes. We do not take your address at any time during the process to maintain your full security.

Probate fees are as the above, the minimum charge is £150.00 plus £10 per item.

Unlike many other jewellers, we will re-type any of our old valuations providing they are less than three years old, typically 50% less than your original fee, (minimum charge £35).  Home visits are not available.

We will sometimes appraise item(s) in a day if we can, but normally no longer than four to five days. Please bring in to us any old valuations or receipts. Items purchased overseas must have a purchase receipt.

Many customers say that their insurers do not require them to obtain a valuation. Be careful of this advice as in many cases when items are lost or stolen the onus is upon you to prove their worth and a post-loss appraisal almost always ensures that the client is the loser.

You can always contact our valuer for free advice on 01373 462090. We also offer excellent and competitive rates for insurance.