Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers

Yes we can accept a  direct bank transfer to our account. To do this please email us the following details. Item SKU, price and your email. We will then send you an email with our bank details and reserve the item for you whilst the transfer is taking place. Once the amount has been entered into our account we will despatch to you. Your refund rights remain the same and we will refund back to your bank account with 48 hours of receipt. contact@vintagetom.co.uk

Yes, we will happily put an item back for you for a 10% deposit. Please note that should you change your mind after December 1st you will forfeit your deposit. You are able to pay further amounts if you wish to reduce the final amount owing. We only forfeit the original 10% deposit and will repay any further amounts you pay off the balance

Yes with pleasure. We have a private viewing area with full Covid advised protection. Sit in our upstairs seated area and view any item you wish in comfort and privacy. To arrange this please call Alex on 01373 462089 or email contact@charleshart.co.uk. Our store is in Frome – Somerset. 

Most second hand and vintage items represent better value for money than new, the vat, for example, is only a small part of the overall part, in fact only on our profit, new items carry it at 20%. Gold coins carry no vat at all. Our selection stands the test of value, check elsewhere online or in your local store.

Your statutory rights are not affected, but we give you fourteen days to look at the item. If then you decide against it, just send it back to us by Royal Mail Special Delivery and once received we will send you a full refund. You will receive a returns note with your order, you simply send the item back. A full refund will follow, no quibble.

We can easily alter almost every ring we stock, we have our own goldsmith. However, if there is a lot of gold to be added, there can be an extra charge which we would advise, but in many cases, there is not a charge. Many customers worry about having a ring re-sized. Actually, it is for a trained goldsmith almost the easiest job he will perform. Every ring when made is, in fact, a flat piece of gold, when made into the shank it is joined together and soldered. When heated gently a small line appears to show where the ring was joined, and this is then the place the goldsmith will add or take a piece of gold to re-size. We will never re-size unless we are 100% certain it will not affect the ring, that we will guarantee. However, if we size a ring and you decide that you do not like it and return it to us, we will deduct a charge for the sizing, this can be up to £40.00 for 18ct gold, £20 for nine-carat gold unless agreed in advance.

Yes, all Vintage Tom items are supplied in a top quality gift box of faux leather with silk and velvet lined interior. We will also gift wrap it for you if you request this. We cannot send to an address different to where your card details are held.

We are happy to reserve items for six months. We will email you a layaway form which you complete. We require a 20% initial payment, and this is non-refundable. We then allow you six months to pay it off, six equal payments taken from your credit or debit card. We retain the item during this period. You may request at any time to change your mind but you will lose your initial deposit.

We are a long established family jewellers and have been selling and valuing jewellery for many years, our business has been in Frome since 1899. Every piece of jewellery is checked. We are often asked why items are not hallmarked. Since 1973 they have to be, unless of course the ring is purchased from overseas. We will put assumed in some cases, but the items have been tested for purity. To hallmark items that are antique would spoil their authenticity and it is not a requirement. We can hallmark an item if asked, but this is not something we would advise. If you are unsure about this you should research online before purchase. Please note that our website will tell you if an item is hallmarked.
Some items may be pre-owned or second hand. If this is the case some items may be after 1973 and should therefore be hallmarked. However some rings may not be even then.As a disclaimer, any item not hallmarked regardless of age can only be  ‘presumed’ as gold/platinum etc, as we cannot say without a hallmark if an item is definatly so as this may breach hallmark rules. However items are tested and if we say presumed we are accurate in this assumption. We take no reponsibility as your reading of this paragraph is your acceptance of the conditions should you purchase an item.

It is with great regret that we are no longer able to offer overseas delivery. Due to increased paperwork especially in the EU, customs charges, increased postal charges etc etc, it has become uneconomic in time and money to continue to send valuable parcels overseas and also the problem with items being returned and explanation to customs in the UK regarding this. If you can get a friend or colleague in the UK to act for you this would be one solution.

Jewellery repairs

We offer quality jewellery and watch repair services at very competitive prices. 

let us sell your jewellery

We can sell your jewellery for you, click here for further information 

We buy your gold

We offer top prices for any of the above, please visit our store or post to us

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